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Transport and Logistics Challenges

Workforce Retention

Attracting and retaining skilled employees is essential to maintaining high levels of service in the competitive T&L industry. Effective digital transformation can play a key role in this.

Equipping mobile workers with secure, powerful and flexible devices helps them do their jobs more efficiently, improving morale and resulting in better service for customers.

A Fast and Transparent Service

T&L operations must deal with highly distributed workforces, multiple assets to manage and widely varying worker skill sets, all while operating in a time sensitive, service-centric environment.

Getac’s Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) streamline the order fulfilment process and provide a stable platform to ensure faster delivery and better supply chain integrity for T&L providers and customers alike.

Keeping Data Safe

Data security is paramount, particularly when dealing with sensitive customer information. Getac offers a host of features on all its devices for secure access to enterprise applications and resources.

These features include the latest security encryption software, device tracking and programmable access ensuring data is protected from cyber-attacks at all times.

Streamlining Your Operational Efficiency

Increase customer satisfaction

Keep customers informed every step of the way with accurate and transparent deliveries, enabled by Getac’s smooth software integration and integrated GPS accuracy.

  • Efficient service: Driver route planning ensures goods arrive promptly, encouraging repeat orders
  • Secure data: Mobile VPN keeps data secure
Improve productivity, reduce costs

Real-time asset updates and higher workflow automation via Getac devices allow dispatchers to optimize work schedules and assign tasks as they come in.

  • Higher workflow automation: Track traffic conditions to avoid congestion and use workforce status updates to maximize productivity
  • Fast delivery: The latest route navigation and track/trace technology improves delivery time
  • Worker mobility: Quick and easy demounting from in-vehicle docks allows Getac devices to go wherever workers need to go.
Enhance worker safety

Getac’s full line of dedicated T&L solutions protects your employees and helps to maintain high levels of productivity in all types of working conditions.

  • Safety in transit: Screen blanking technology decreases the risk of accidents and driver distraction when vehicles are on the move.
  • Hazardous environments: Collaboration tools enable better communication between field and central teams, improving situation awareness in dangerous work environments.

Getac Select Solutions™

Why Transport, Logistics and Warehousing Professionals Choose Getac

Maximum value

Rugged by Design

Getac’s solutions are inherently rugged, built from the ground up to thrive in all weather conditions and easily withstand drops up to six feet and knocks for the challenges on the road. Getac products are manufactured and certified by international third parties to MIL-STD 810G and up to IP67 standards and are built from independently verified and tested components.

Maximum value

Engineering and Support

Getac delivers best-in-class engineering services and customer support, ranging from regular security patches and software updates, to the provision of API and SDKs, software imaging, product kitting, joint development of docking, and bespoke T&L vehicle equipment.

Maximum value

30+ Years of Experience

Getac has 30 years of rugged innovation, with USD 819M sales revenue in 2018. A key subsidiary of MiTac-Synnex group, Getac provides a full range of cost-effective commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for the transport and logistics sector.

Maximum value

Industry Leading Service

Customers choose Getac because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We are so confident in our rugged computing technology that we provide, standard with every fully rugged product, an industry leading bumper-to-bumper warranty that even includes accidental damage coverage.

Maximum value

Excellent TCO

Getac computers deliver excellent total cost of ownership (TCO), with one of the lowest average failure rates in the industry and a three-year return-to-base warranty as standard. Our rugged and durable products work as hard as you do, with extensive product lifecycles that increase productivity across the workforce and ensure minimal disruption through technical redundancies or unforeseen IT failure.

Maximum value

Fully Integrated Eco-Solutions

We work closely with our partners to deliver a fully integrated eco-solution that includes excellent hardware, mounting kits, mobile power supplies, security and connectivity software, for complete peace of mind.

Rugged Computers are 4 times less likely to fail than consumer devices. Source: VDC Research Group, Inc.
Save 66% on the total cost of ownership over 3-5 ears with a rugged device. Source VDC: Research Group, Inc.

Trusted globally

"With easy-to-use design and comprehensive connectivity, Getac S-series is definitely the solution we are looking for. Its overall quality and performance adequately meets our specific requirements. The S-series is the rugged notebook offering the best cost and performance ratio ever."

Tanguy De Lorgeril, Department of special tooling, Bombardier Transportation.



SOTI remote support along with the ease of use of the ZX70 adds a level of comfort for remote users, reducing training and increasing adoption.

ICTS Europe Systems

ICTS Europe Systems

ICTS uses the compact and lightweight Getac Z710 to reduce airport waiting times by performing mobile security checks at bag drop areas, transfer zones and departure gates.



Teamfer engineers use the Getac B300 to accurately assess train tracks throughout France, detect problems early and significantly reduce the potential of serious equipment failure.



The powerful, fully rugged Getac T800 has optimized productivity throughout InfoChamp’s logistics and warehousing operations.

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Five T800 tablets and Havis docks are mounted over the baggage handling areas, sending information to displays that help direct passengers to retrieve their luggage.



Employees at Jarltech's logistics center use the Getac T800 to ensure efficient warehouse operations, resulting in faster delivery times and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Your digital advantage

Technology That Works For You

Efficient All-Weather Operation

Our revolutionary LumiBond® screen is easily readable both indoors and outdoors, even in direct sunlight, and can be operated while wearing gloves or in wet environments. The large 11.6” screen means more information can be displayed at one time, boosting worker productivity.

Improved Functionality and Security

Integrated 1D/2D barcode readers, RFID Reader and dual cameras allow warehouse operatives to accurately maintain stock inventory and keep devices secure at all times.

Seamless Connectivity

Innovative wireless technology supports exceptional coverage and fast download speeds, meaning consistent access to data from anywhere in the warehouse, port or airport and keeping dispatchers connected to drivers out on the road.

Superior Worker Mobility

Our devices have a wide range of hands-free mounting and carrying options to improve safety and enhance overall worker mobility. Easy dismounting means devices can also be easily swapped between forklifts and vehicles, reducing downtime when maintenance is required.

Reduced Integration Costs, Increased Productivity

Multiple legacy I/O interface options provide unmatched flexibility, allowing interoperability with a wide variety of legacy systems such as warehouse barcode scanners still requiring a powered RS232 port to work. Customizable quick keys further enhance the user experience.

Faster Operations

The latest Intel processors deliver the highest levels of performance needed to meet the demands of the T&L sector. The result is faster operations, minimal downtime and a significant boost to overall business efficiency.


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